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Everything started in 2003 with two bottles of Marqués de Cáceres Reserva 1995. Wine had never caught my attention, but as one is a man of the world I knew that what was in the bottle must be good so I decided to give it a try. It is funny that I lost my innocence with a Rioja, but the truth is that it was splendid. And little by little, little by little until today. Testing, tasting, discovering , enjoying and writing about wines. I really enjoy a good bottle of wine and I’m not the kind to stop drinking it when the second course ends. Something I like very much is to see the evolution of the wine from the time I open it until it is finished. And this happens well after dessert and coffee. And when I enjoy that wine, I like to take with me another glass as a digestive. It is true that when the bottle is running out is when you most enjoy the wine, but I am not one of those who opt for opening it two hours before drinking it for letting it breath. Maybe someday I will, but not yet.

The wine has a very good side: it is a drink made to be shared. What is a good wine if we do not share it with that person? In addition, thanks to wine, visits, tastings, articles, I have had the opportunity to make good friends. And that’s something to be thankful. Finding people who are really worth knowing.

In addition, wine is like music, we each have a favorite song. Just like some moments in life have their own songs, some special moments have their own glass of wine. That one we enjoyed in that particular restaurant, that bottle we opened on that special occasion…

And why did I choose My Friend El Vino? Because when you share it, it brings you closer to other people, not just your family or acquaintances, but those who make wine something special: winemakers, vigners, vignerons, people who work in the wineries and in the vineyards and who make possible the wine reach our glass. In a glass of wine there is so much work and passion of so many people and it must be respected.

Besides wine, another passion of mine is American football. I have it deep inside my core for so many years. Very soon, I will be inn football for half of my life, and here we continue, doing clinics and other activities to continue developing our sport. One of those activities is to write technical reports on different championships. In these documents we talk about things that happen in the field from a technical and tactical point of view. Here you can find them:

2011 IFAF Word Championship Technical Report

2011 IFAF World Championship Technical Report Appendixes

2012 IFAF Junior World Championship Technical Report

IFAF 2014 European Championship Technical Report

IFAF 2014 European Championship Technical Report Appendixes

And I do not want to forget the planes. Those who have windows. I really like to fly, climb on a cloud and look through the window while listening some music. And when I’m not in them, I like to photograph them.

You can see my photos here.

So, I write here about what I like. You can see that I hardly ever speak badly about something or someone, because I prefer to dedicate my energy to being positive. I know that sometimes it seems that they pay me to write, but it happens that if I do not like a wine I will not write about it. And if I visit a winery and I do not like what I see, I will not lie and write well. That is why you will only see positive comments about the wines I like. I never ask for anything in return for writing. I do it because I like it and because I enjoy it.

It’s been a long road, but this has only just begun.

Do you have any suggestion? I’m looking forward to hearing from you and meeting new things.

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