2016 has been a very interesting year for this blog. We passed from being a modest blog in Blogger to a more visual one, yet still modest, where we use videos and lots of pictures. The blog has grown to two weekly posts, Mondays and Thursdays, including interviews with winemakers and features about wineries, and always maintaining our posts about wine tastings and food and wine pairings.

We enjoyed getting in touch with so many people this year. Not only winemakers, but also people working in the cellars, in charge of PR departments, working the social media or being representatives of the wineries. This contact with people is one of the best things you can find in the wine industry.

 It is amazing finding people so passionate about their job, when you visit them and they talk to you for hours about what they do and what they love. People I met in person like Orly Lumbreras, German R. Blanco, Daniel V. Ramos, Sonia Spadaro and Nataša Cernic who hypnotize you with their passion and conversation.

Those who endured my many questions about their work, like Alexander Barzen from Germany, Andreas and Elisabeth Tscheppe from Austria (thank you, Elisabeth), Roland and Alice Tauss from Austria (thank you, Alice), Earl and Hilda Jones and Andrew Wenzl from Oregon, Elena Bracchi and the Marchese Nicolò Incisa Della Rocchetta from Toscana, Antony Terryn from Toro, Jonatan García from Canary Islands, Christina Turley and Karl Wicka from California, Eric Baugher and  Renee Ary from California, Verónica Salgado and her mother Ascensión Repiso, Asier Alonso, Alfredo Maestro and Cristina Mantilla from Spain. And of course to Elena García from Emilio Moro for making us feel at home every time we went there.

I’m also grateful to get to know Ricard Pasanau, José Ramón Calvo, Bertol Izagirre and Andrés Conde. I bombarded them with lots of questions and messages. Thank you, Óscar Pasanau, for all we did together.

A special warm thank you has to go to Annalisa Armani, Giancarlo Tommasi, Pierangelo Tommasi and Luca Carrara from Tommasi Viticoltori, for all they did for helping me with the blog and for showing me such unbelievable hospitality. To Miriam Pitt who was so dedicated to helping me interview Renee Ary and sending me that much information, pictures and everything I asked for. And what can I say about Maria Antonia Rovira of Jean Leon? All she contributed to this, including the interview with Xavi Rubires. Also to Sue McNulty and Murphy Nicholson from Ridge Vineyards, who besides the interview with Eric Baugher, they were there every day for me. And Stefano Bassanese for all his help.

And about those still unpublished but who are making a significant contribution, it was a pleasure being led by Lara Kosic to such a great visit to Primosic and also a warm thank you to Camilla Manzato and Marco and Roberto Felluga who kindly opened the door of their home for hosting me.

I can’t leave aside my partners in crime from Palasgüain to enjoy so many nice lunches together, Ana Martín, Lide and Irene from Bodega Urbana Bilbao and to Jean Marcos and the guys from the Club de Cata La Ruta Del Vino for sharing their knowledge and expertise in our wine tastings.

And finally thanks to you, for being there week after week, reading my comments, my interviews and my stories about wines.

To all of you, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2017.