There are very few special wineries around that make you feel at home. Not because their wines are really good, which indeed they are, but because of the people running and working in these special places. Azienda Agricola Marco Felluga is one of them.

The Fellugas are a family owning two wineries: Marco Felluga and Russiz Superiore, both located not far one from another in the heart of the Collio DO in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. We have spoken about them a few times, including an interview with current managing director Roberto Felluga. Each winery has a different style in winemaking yet they share the same passion for the growth of the autochthonous varieties and the respect for the soil in which they are born.

From time to time, they also arrange different events around their wines and today we are going to talk about the last one they have organized: #RussizSuperioreNight, an event combining wine, food and music in the very heart of their vineyards. It was truly an amazing experience.

The event was located in the facilities of Russiz Superiore in Capriva del Friuli. An amazing winery that includes a Relais in which you can enjoy your visit then stay and rest there without having to drive back. Scattered in the vineyards there were four different stations. In each of them you could taste two wines accompanied by some food. They served a white wine and a red wine. In the first station, you could pair the wines with some cheese and prosciutto as appetizers. In the second one, the offer was some salad and pasta, the third one was the place for enjoying the main course and the fourth one was where the desserts were served. In the second and third stations, the meal was cooked onsite inside two tents, which made sure the food was still warm, as the evening turned to be a bit chilly.

Across the seating space in each station there was a band playing live music: a country trio, a jazz trio, pop performers. It was really nice having the opportunity of enjoying food and wine while listening and watching the musicians playing beautiful songs.

The event started with a tour guide who shared with the participants a lot of information about the winery and the winemaking philosophy. From one station to the other, you had to walk through rows of vineyards, which doe at sunset time made the tour very special.

Once the dinner and all the strolling around the vines were finished, it was time for a DJ to make everyone dance until the wee hours of the night.

#RussizSuperioreNight was a completely enjoyable event that started early in the evening and prolonged until everyone was exhausted. My heartfelt appreciation to Camilla and Regina and the Felluga family.

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